Here are a number of Polls we would like your feedback on. Please vote only once so we can get fair results.

How important is Canadian Television content?

If you want to know more about this read The Rebel's article: click here

Do you think Yellow Vests Groups, nationally and globally, will be more effective by uniting their collective efforts?

Do you think we should work towards ensuring we have “strength in numbers” to effect change from our Politicians?

Do you believe that We should coordinate a Yellow Vests presence along the CONVOY route and most importantly at Parliament Hill?

A voting bloc is a group of voters that are strongly motivated by a specific common concern or group of concerns to the point that such specific concerns tend to dominate their voting patterns, causing them to vote together in elections.

Should the YVC movement work to become a voting bloc?

We are trying to guage how easy it is to access accurate information about the Yellow Vests movement in Canada.

Do you feel it is easy to find accurate Yellow Vest information?