Setting The Record Straight: An Interview With Coleen Mac From The Yellow Vests Canada

Spencer's Interview

The #YellowVests Show Episode 1: Real interviews with #YVC:

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Here's an article in the Ottawa Sun saying our credibility is threatened by extremists and fringe groups. I dont think thats the case since these extremists an absolute minory who dont support our movement. I'm also certain that we can and will prove them wrong!

Ottawa Sun: Credibility of Canada’s fledgling yellow vest movement threatened by extremists, fringe groups

Here's a story from Rebel Media:

The Rebel: Alberta Yellow Vest urges others, “Stand up for Canada… while you can”

A youtube channel for UNITED Yellow Vests Canada

Youtube: UNITED Yellow Vests Canada


More Yellow Vest Youtube Videos

Estevan truck convoy protest Dec. 22, 2018

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