We would love to see everyone's position on the convoy, one main concern for us was security. We have found a way to securely display this infromation to our website in near-realtime without posing a risk for anyone.

Our goal is to show everyone joining the convoy from all over the country and at the same time show just how big the convoy is, because of this the more people who can sign up the better.

If you would like to join the tracking and show up on the map we will need you to follow a few simple steps:

1. Download and install the traccar app on your phone:





2. Very Important, Click Server URL and Configure the Server URL in the Traccar Client to:


3. Set the location Accuracy to High (this way it uses GPS instead of your cell data to get your location, without this some cell phone will not work!)

4. Start the service under Service Status (if you see a popup to allow GPS click allow)

4. Send us your Device Identifier code