Hello Patriots,

Some helpful tips for Convoy Rally on Parliament Hill:

1). Bathroom facilities are NOT provided; there are public restrooms at NAC, Rideau Centre, Byward Market and various restaurants (please be courteous keep them clean and purchase some items for example:  coffee, water or sandwiches).  Please bear in mind, we are hoping for massive crowds so consider bringing some T.P. and hand sanitizer just in case.

2).  Bring some water, T.P., hand sanitizer, snacks and sandwiches in case of huge crowds.  

3).  Ensure you have filled your gas tanks PRIOR to arrival in case of road delays or traffic gridlock.  

4).  Bring whatever medicines and/or needed medical supplies in case of traffic gridlock on the roads, delaying your departures from Parliament Hill.

5).  Expect traffic delays/gridlock and time delays.  Consider parking much further away than the downtown core.  Perhaps; walk, take a city bus or cab to Parliament Hill.

6).  In case of massive traffic delays or gridlock have emergency or backup plans for childcare and/or related responsibilities.  Remember (if you live or work in downtown core) that you might want to ensure you have already stocked up on groceries, supplies and medical needs).

7).   In case of encountering any counter protesters REMEMBER you (Yellow Vests Supporters, Patriots and participants) are OUR representatives and be:  respectful, courteous, and NON-CONFRONTATIONAL.  Do NOT initiate any confrontations but instead REPORT any agitators, issues or concerns to our Police or Law Enforcement Officers.

Remember the counter protesters WILL try to initiate a negative response which you CAN be sure will be filmed and distributed widely.  Their intentions WILL be to negatively paint or smear the entire:  Event, Patriots, Convoy, Truckers, Yellow Vests Supporters, our YV Cause, Movement and Momentum.  Do NOT engage these agitators and instead REPORT them to Police and Law Enforcement Officers.

8).   Stay in your family units/trusted Groups and do NOT allow yourself or your companions to be separated or isolated by any counter protesters.  

9).   Remember to DOCUMENT any such potential encounters with counter protesters.  Can be accomplished by using camera pics and/or video’s ideally of them “unmasked” for Police identification.  Do NOT place yourself or your groups in any type of danger or harm’s way! 

10).  Suggestions for potential any negative encounters:  sing “O Canada” or chant “Can na da”.  Do NOT engage with any agitators or trouble makers.  Remember, THEY (agitators and counter protesters) may wearing yellow vests to “blend in” order to more easily facilitate or create mayhem.

11).   Remember our Police and Law Enforcement Officers are OUR allies and friends.  Follow their instructions, implicitly and immediately, and notify them of any issues or concerns promptly.

12).   Be vigilant for any unusual persons, activities or unmanned packages or backpacks and promptly notify the Police.

13).    Stay safe, if lost, consult your city maps and/or ask directions from our Police or Law Enforcement Officers.  Do NOT follow any strangers into any isolated areas or potentially hazardous conditions.

14).   Remember that potential issues could arise with respect to theft’s:  purses, wallets, backpacks, camera’s and jewelry.  Stay in your groups do NOT get isolated or separated from your trusted companions.

15).   Bear in mind, WE are Patriots, YV Supporters and participants.  Wear your Yellow Vests with pride, fly your Canadian Flags proudly (Right side up to honour our Military/Veterans) and your handmade signs.  

16).   WE are Canadians, standing together and as ONE Voice (in solidarity) saying “enough is enough“.   This is OUR chance to be heard and BE the change WE seek!  Emulate the very best of all Canadian Patriots, as OUR representatives, remembering that ALL eyes will be on us and our behaviours.  Make us proud!

Patriots UNITE