So Anti-Up apparel made some cool gear just for the Convoy. Here's the message from Anti-Up:

After very careful consideration, we have decided to align with United We Roll Convoy to Ottawa!!!!
All the bullshit aside and at the end of the day, we want to fully support our fellow Canadians who are actually driving to Ottawa and the real Canadians working behind the scenes to make it all possible. 
If these folks driving all the way across our country, in the middle of winter, to positively speak on our behalf to the powers that be, then we ARE going to support that! We are the official hat and hoodie dealer of the convoy.

From this point on we are selling convoy- 2019 hats and hoodies in support of United We Roll Convoy to Ottawa. We have roughly 15 days to raise as much as we can for fuel cards that we will be personally delivering directly to the truckers on the morning of Feb 14th. We're donating $5 from every hat and sweater and will continue to donate until everyone comes back home.....plain and simple! Please show your support for these folks and let them know we are standing with them!!!

Hats and sweaters will be on our website at OR you can message us directly on our fb page Anti-Up Apparel

Convoy 2019 Snap-Back Hat


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Convoy 2019 - Hoodie


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