This Just Released re: Go Fund Me for Convoy Posted by Glen Carritt

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Hello proud Canadians!

We are excited to announce that our convoy headed to Ottawa on February 14th is broadening its horizons! We all agree that the main goal of the convoy is to provide a voice for Canadians, from coast to coast.

The more people we have on board, the bolder the statement we will make to our ineffective government. After much consideration we have decided to make this convoy about being inclusive and supporting Canadians first and foremost!

We are releasing the reference to the Yellow Vest movement in an effort to unite Canadians in this history making event. We are so grateful for the support of the Yellow Vest group, and many, many other groups that have pledged their unwavering support for this mission. Our new name is United We Roll! Convoy For Canada!

We all love Canada, and we are tired of the corrupt government not working for the people as their mandate requires. We encourage participants to wear anything they want on the convoy. We respect each individual person’s right to express themselves in a peaceful, respectful, Canadian way! Together we are making Canadian history and we couldn’t be more proud and excited!!

Thank you!