My Twoonies worth by Coleen Mac

WE have a beautiful Country (Canada) who has longed prided itself and its citizens by the tag line:   I Am Canadian 🇨🇦.  I find it extremely disturbing that Identity Politics are being embedded into our way of life.  Our current governing Party and our Prime Minister are complicit in the politics of divisions that Identity Politics represents.

Where once ALL Canadians (with exception of Quebec residents) self identified as simply Canadian.  My entire life, WE (Canadians), never divided ourselves into separate cliches which only encouraged divisions instead of unity.  Instead, WE were proud Canadians who worked/lived communally under a common bond in a cohesive homogeneous society.

This homogeneous society was compromised of many different:  ethnicities, languages, beliefs, backgrounds, morals, values and cultures; fairly effortlessly.  The difference was simply, that ALL assimilated into the commonality of society while operating in your work, life and communities.  Meanwhile, in your private homes, churches and communities you were (needless to say) free to pursue your ethnicity’s, languages, cultures and beliefs.  

This was based on an Integration Model for Society as opposed to a Multicultural Model.   Why and how did this change occur, you might well ask?  Well, the answer was  former PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau (PET).  He introduced this model, based in the 1960’s Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism.

Initially, the change in focus was encouraging immigration from non prominent or visible minorities.  Where once, the main sources of immigration was British and/or French by 1980’s a full 40% of new immigrants instead qualified as visible minorities.

Now fast forward to today’s political leaders, in the son of PET namely PM Justin Trudeau (JT).  He has furthered his Father’s policies into a new form of Political Division.  Wherein, he (JT) instead encourages the citizens to splinter off into self segregation groups by identifying as Hyphenated Canadians.

Where once, we were all simply Canadians WE are now encouraged to self identity as our ethnic origins, cultures, beliefs, languages and etc.  This new form of Identity Politics is a means of dividing/splintering Canadians’ Identity, culture and society.  It is and would be a very effective means of controlling the citizenry wherein instead of unity and harmony we would have a series of separate enclaves of citizens with no unity or common bonds.

THIS must not be encouraged or tolerated as no society can maintain its homogeneous state with the Politics of Division.  Canada is NOT a post Nation State, WE are Nationalists who are Patriots that love our beloved Country and its citizens.

Let us embrace our uniqueness, commonalities and bonds, to further expand our great Nation into the new future.  Unified, united standing together as proud Canadians again! 

Let us, once again, stand as one...WE are Canadians 🇨🇦