So Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged $180 million over the next 3 years to the Global Partnership on Education. Well this may seem logical since education is a good cause, but wait a second? We're running a deficit, that’s like spending on our credit card, what do we do when the bill comes due? Who is going to pay for this?

When the Liberals said they were not going to balance the budget they said it was for a good reason, they said they were going to create jobs in Canada. How does this $180 million benefit Canadian jobs? How is it an investment? What about the billions of other dollars that you promised during your term Mr. Prime Minister?

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I suggest we stop this ridiculous and uncontrolled spending. Lower taxes and let business build their business. This will create jobs and the more jobs we create the more wages will go up.

Before I get blasted for this, let me clarify something. I'm talking about creating private sector jobs, not government jobs which are paid for by our taxes. Those government jobs aren't really helping anyone, not in the long term. I'm certain you can do the math as to why.