Today Liberal Candidate Richard Lee said that the United Nations should regulate the internet. To this I have to first ask: Why? What good would possibly come from this? The answer of course is absolutely nothing. 

There are a number of reasons I think this is a horrible idea.

1st of all, the internet flourished into the fastest growing communication tool used around the world precisely because it is unregulated. This upsets the liberals because they want their sticky little fingers into everything, and they seem to fear anything they can’t control. 

What he is suggesting is that people are too stupid to check for themselves if what they read is true or not. Going down that road is a slippery slope, because who will get to decide what is true and what will stop them from abusing their power?

Mr. Lee, on the off chance that you read this, get your head checked and stop pushing your big brother politics on me.

And to those of you who disagree, to those who are offended by what they read on the internet, get away from your computer, get away from your phone. Go outside, take a walk, talk to someone face to face. Nobody is forcing you to be here.

Here's the original article the led to this rant.