So what exactly is the problem with the carbon tax, And why would so many people be opposed?

Sure, when you think the environment the idea of reducing pollution sounds like a noble and important cause, and what better way to motivate people than financially? Well there are a few things to consider here. Most importantly financial, effectiveness, alternatives and exceptions, not to mention the carbon skeptics.

First financial, many Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck, and adding an additional expense to their already heavily burdened financial obligations is more than just an inconvenience, its downright cruel. The governments logic behind this is that implementing a tax will cause people to think twice and reduce their energy consumption. However, what exactly do they expect people to do? Stop driving to work? Take their children out of activities so they don't have to drive back and forth to soccer practice? Maybe stop heating their homes when its -30C outside? This brings me to the effectiveness of a carbon tax, I don't see yet another tax instigating any significant change. 

How about some alternatives, why not offer additional incentives to Canadians? For example offer tax rebates to Canadians who invest in alternative energy like solar solutions for homes and small businesses, or how about a home improvement program to entice Canadians to better insulate and upgrade to more efficient heating methods. Of course any programs like this wouldn't help the government collect the additional money they require to cover the enormous debt they're racking up.

Now for the final argument I'll touch on (for now at least), if this tax were truly about the reduction of carbon emissions, then why would the government make exemptions for many of the biggest offenders?

A note to all my readers: This article, like many others I'm writing, were researched and are intended to make you think and research the issues for yourself. I invite anyone to look into these issues i mentioned above for yourselves and post in the comments below with either supporting or contradicting evidence, i ask that you share your supporting evidence and help make the argument stronger. Finally, I'm trying to get through a number of articles quickly while we ramp up this site, if you would like to help improve this or any other article on this site please contact us.

PS. I will be compiling all my supporting evidence shortly and posting it up here for your reference.