A part of being self sufficient Canada needs to invest its money wisely. Spending excessively on foreign countries while taking away from our own will only hurt us. Here's one of many stories about the damage that is happening to Canadians.

A story from Lexie Boyce:

I am a 70 year old, 10 year armed services veteran (Royal Air Force). I live on my Old Age pension along with the small CPP pension I was able to scrape together during my working life of almost 50 years. My beloved wife of 48 years is dying of Alzheimer's Disease in a nursing home, which I am required to pay for, but can't afford. She gets no "creature comforts" to enhance her already limited quality of life ... because I can't afford them. I suffer from depression, PTSD, ADHD, and only God knows what else. I am supposed to take a mess of medications daily to stay "in the game", but I can't afford them. I haven't been to a dentist in four years, I can't afford a dentist .... I can barely afford to eat at today's prices, and if my bridge and crowns fail I will NOT be able to fix them, ergo I will live the rest of my days with a mouthful of empty space to chew on.
While I contemplate a future without the only love I have ever known, I do so knowing that I have given everything to this country I love so much, but with the certain knowledge that I cannot get help for what I need to live out my life with even a tiny bit of comfort, but my government will go out of its way to financially assist terrorists, and a brave but stupid young person who freely criticised Islam, something which for me is against the law. This country of ours has lost its way. Our government has shamed us before the world. Oh! Canada I am so, so sorry, my beautiful country that we your people have brought you to your knees. We your people should be ashamed that we have allowed this to happen; I AM.

Please note: My concerns are not for myself. I tell my story only to get my fellow Canadians to wake up and see what is happening to my beloved Canada!
Go Yellow Vests!

This is just one more reason why Canada needs the Yellow Vest Movement. If you have a story like this to post up here, please submit it on the contact form and we'll add it to the list.