Let us be clear, we are NOT against immigration, in fact, we support the LEGAL immigration for ANYONE who wants to come to Canada to integrate into our society and economy, to those who want to share our values, ideology and way of life, to those who want to join us as Canadians, we welcome you.

Canada has many immigrants, some who just arrived, others who have been here for longer. Many, if not most, Canadians can trace their family heritage to another part of the world. This coming together had made Canada great. It is important to remember however that the families that came to Canada did so to build a better life, they left their countries behind and while respecting their own heritage, they integrated into Canadian society, culture and life. They mingled with other Canadians and together built a shared ideology. Many became soldiers to defend this great country, in some cases sacrificing their life so the rest of us can live safely.  Add a comment