Dear Yellow Vest Canada Organizers and admins,

We have been working many hours to get the website and community (on the website) up with interesting content. I believe we have gotten a great start so far.

We have our cause statement, an explanation of (most of) the issues, the events and a functional community wall. 

It would really help if the admins and organizers can get in touch with us so we can join you to the private chat outside of facebook. From there we will be able to quickly communicate to share articles, events and plan bigger events. 

We are getting a lot of interest from the media and have a real chance to set the record straight and show who we really are.

Facebook is trying to cripple our movement, they want to divide us and disband us. Don’t let them be successful!


If you're an organizer/admin or you want to help, please contact us via the contact page, we will send you an invite to the private messenger that we have setup.