Hello Patriots,

First of all, WE have fabulous news to share as our website https://YVCLive.ca continues to grow/expand. Join us by signing up, submitting content (articles, news stories, video’s, pics, RALLY/EVENT’S and etc.). Please consider a DONATION to allow us to continue to enhance/upgrade OUR social media platform, which is completely independent of Facebook. No more: censorship, bans, restrictions and shutdowns!

Secondly, we have received word of issues/concerns with OUR Convoy. Please visit our website for all the latest, accurate and exciting developments on the CONVOY. We have all the latest information, interactive map with Convoy tracking and a TRUSTED “Go Fund Me” site for donations to this amazing effort. As soon as we can we will provide updated pics and videos of their progress. Let’s support them...We have a CONVOY!

Thirdly, a most heartfelt thanks/appreciation to UNITED Yellow Vests Canada. Their outstanding Team, is uniting with OUR efforts to bring you (Canadians) all the latest and most accurate information. Their contact information is available on our website and we most highly recommend supporting their sites/efforts.

Fourthly, tomorrow we RALLY RALLY RALLY! Each/every Saturday we rally, please help us by submitting your rally/events on our website which is protected from any further Facebook attacks. Wear your: Yellow Vests, fly your Canadian Flags (right side up to honour our Military/Veterans) and bring your family/friends.

We have survived another series of attacks from Facebook and Antifa Trolls. This only serves to validate/enhance OUR need to migrate members to OUR website. So, we survive to live another day. We continue to organize and coordinate our efforts with all Yellow Vests Groups, across Canada.

Stand together, support each other AND remember we are ALL Canadians. Patriots UNITE

Here is our Convoy Tracker