Hello Patriots, (HIGH ALERT)

Facebook continues their manoeuvres to restrict our Group, Moderators and Members, eminent shutdown is expected. WE have been diligently working “behind the scenes” to plan for this eventuality by starting OUR very own website at WE also have a Yellow Vests Canada - Backup Group on Facebook to bridge any gaps in communications. We are pleased to announce our very first weekly newsletter is being sent to OUR subscribers, on our website. Join us and submit your favourite pics for inclusion into our newsletter contest, as the “pic of the week”!

Meanwhile, WE have received multiple requests for interviews (phone, video channel and etc.). WE will keep Members up-to-date on those articles, as they are released for publication.

Tomorrow we RALLY, each and every Saturday is Rally Day. Bring some family/friends wear your Yellow Vests and fly your Canadian Flags (right side up to honour our military/veterans), proudly. Dress warmly as it’s forecast to be especially cold tomorrow! Our Group Cause, Movement and Momentum continues unabated. WE are growing in Members, strength and effect.

JOIN US, on our fabulous new website ( so WE can maintain contact, communications and community. WE have continued to purchase additional upgrades/enhancements to our website. WE are also seeking any members with a solid legal background who can help with a “Mark and Spencer Policy”, for the website itself.

As WE move forward Am very proud of our dedicated Team of Moderators (volunteers) and OUR Members, for their support, backing and trust. Reminder that tomorrow (Saturday) all post approvals will be delayed. YOUR Moderators will be joining you at the Rallies, as usual. Remember to submit your pics/videos and Events for inclusion into OUR website. Please consider giving a DONATION today to help offset the costs of the website. This will allow the continued upgrades of its services/capabilities.

Stand together, arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder. WE are ONE voice, ONE people, WE are Canadians!

Patriots UNITE