Hello Patriots,

Couldn’t be more proud of the amazing, support and backing of OUR members regard our new website ( We have some fabulous new up-dates to share with our members.

Firstly, our website is collecting the funds (PayPal) for our “wish lists” of the (1) interactive module (approx. $125.00) and (2) the newspaper module (approx. $155.00). We have some community services now added and more are being loaded daily, as funding efforts allow.

As our website grows our abilities to mimic the capacities of Facebook, will also expand. This translates into our ability to enhance: interactions, events, videos, newsletter capacities and etc. Our generous donor is hard at work (behind the scenes) in designing/uploading our modules, as available. Seriously, if every member DONATED as little as $2.00 each we would have all the funds needed for the: website, flyers, business cards, bus advertising, billboards and much more. Please consider making a donation TODAY to help us grow/expand our services. We have added a “wish list” with pricing as well as any disbursements to the website.

We are adding a merchandising section for all your Yellow Vests Canada (YVC) goods. Please support our fellow Patriots and Entrepreneurs, for all your YVC Gear/goods. As well, ideally an Event Section for streamlining/organizing our Events into a cohesive format for your ease/efficiency. We are also working diligently to reach out/coordinate OUR collective efforts with our wonderful affiliated YVC Groups, all across Canada. Personally, am very excited to work with such an amazing Team of Patriots.

Finally, am absolutely thrilled to announce that WE have been contacted by Yellow Vests Movement Worldwide to coordinate OUR efforts on a global scale. The ability to coordinate Nationwide as well as Globally, represents an amazing ability to move OUR Agenda forward dramatically. WE will be able to coordinate all OUR efforts together for our common Cause, Movement and Momentum!

All in all, a simply outstanding week and as always am honoured by your trust, support and backing. PLEASE remember to sign up TODAY (, donate to the website and help us by sharing OUR news with all your social media platforms/Facebook groups.

Together, WE are all stronger! No more identity politics or special interests groups, simply put...WE are Canadians!!! WE are the change WE want to see. OUR time is now, WE are part of a Global Movement and WE must NOT fail.

Patriots UNITE