Wonderful to see all the amazing pics/video’s of Rallies, all across Canada! We MUST keep our Group, Cause, Movement and Momentum: growing, expanding and increasing. POWER to the people, we rely on Members to get the word out by: sharing to all social media platforms, bringing your family/friends to join us AND putting “feet to the ground”. To effect change we seek, WE MUST be the change!!!

It’s IMPERATIVE to follow instructions contained, IF you wish to remain a member of this amazing Movement. Join the Yellow Vests Canada - BackupGroup. WE will, have exciting news (TBA) whereby we will be moving to another domain for our Group, Cause and Movement.

Remember it’s the members’ responsibility to report any/all issues to Adminstrators/Moderators. Imperative that you do NOT feed the trolls but REPORT them. Reporting is via report function (3 small dots on right hand side beside every post/comments). Do NOT pm your Admins/Moderators on their private Facebook accounts. For one thing, they will NOT see your pm unless they’re already friends with you.

Please review the Group rules, READ the daily Announcement Section (contains vital information), to ensure OUR Members have vital info, communications and rally info. As Facebook, Antifa Trolls, Trudeau minions, trouble makers and Special Snowflakes ALL conspire to shut down OUR voices and Group.

NOTE: All posts/comments are the sole responsibility of the authors. The Leadership, Management, and Group will/shall NOT be held responsible or liable for same! WE, are all under attack, scrutiny, surveillance and critiques. Govern yourselves accordingly!

Stand up and be counted, we can NOT allow our Voices to be shut down now. WE must dig deep, find our collective resolve and have each other’s backs at all times. WE welcome ALL Patriots and our fellow Patriots are OUR Allies against the storm. WE are a collective of Canadians, who are standing shoulder to shoulder. WE will prevail, if we do NOT allow/follow the politics of divisions, and instead embrace our common goals for Canadians and Canada.

Couldn’t be prouder to be part of this amazing Movement. Am honoured that you continue to place your trust me...thank you 🙏🏻 Help by: spreading the word, share out the info, and join the Yellow Vests Canada - Backup Group. WE will fight together for a better Canada for US, OUR children and OUR collective/common futures!

Patriots UNITE