Imagine you're sick, your body is being attacked by an infection. If it’s a small infection you can probably fight it off by yourself, but what if the infection is growing, bigger than you can fight by yourself. Well typically what you would do now is go see a doctor, you tell the doctor that you're sick and the doctor would prescribe you an anti-biotic which helps your immune system fight the infection so you get better.

What if instead of prescribing you an anti-biotic the doctor prescribes an immunosuppressant? Well that would cause your immune system to shut down and the infection will very likely kill you.

Now let's look at this analogy, Canada is a body, it's being attacked by an infection (lies, deception, etc.). Normally the immune system (laws and education) responds and takes care of the problem, but if the problem is bigger (for example no laws exist to handle this) then we need to spread the word on what's happening (similar to going to a doctor), but what if you're not allowed to talk about the issues? Or worse, what if new laws were passed to suppress the immune system and allow this infection to spread through the country? 

That's what we see happening right now. Our ability to respond is being taken away. Soon it won’t matter anymore if the threat is big or small because we will be unable to respond or even raise awareness of this threat.

To go back to the original analogy for a moment, if you knew that going to a regular doctor would mean getting an immunosuppressant instead of an anti-biotic. What you would do instead is find a way to go on the black market to find what you need. 

Canada doesn't need a growing black market for free speech. What we need is legal free speech. What we need is the ability to protect ourselves, our ideology and our ideas.

Free speech is a fundamental human right. Speech is not violent. Nobody is forced to listen to what we say.

I invite anyone who disagrees with this concept to debate me on this.