So, there is a lot of talk and speculation about who is the official yellow vests website and who are the fakes.

Well let’s examine this for a moment, the yellow vests are a grassroots movement, there is no official leader. It appears, at least to me, that this is a group struggling for power and control. With so many supporters of this movement why would anyone want to attempt to position themselves like that? Moves like this will only serve to divide us instead of bringing us together. It feels like the people behind this are attempting to destroy the very unity that strengthens the Yellow Vests Movement. Maybe they'll read this and rethink their position.

Now before you go and accuse us of trying to do the same thing let us explain our position within the movement. We are not trying to be the only source of information, we simply present source of accurate and verified information from many Yellow Vests Groups, and we are working hard to build relationships with all the Yellow Vests groups around Canada, and soon around the world. Our goal is to make sure we can provide accurate updates and information so we can be a trusted source of information. Our position also allows us to act as a backup to facebook so that in the event that something happens (which is in some cases already happening, see our facebook censorship post) everyone has a way to stay in contact, find their local groups. Finally, we work with all the admins throughout the groups to facilitate communications and Canada wide organization.

So, what can we take from all this?

    Well if someone is trying to divide us then maybe those people are the problems.

    If you're trying to unite us, get in touch, send us a message via community or the contact form and as long as your information is accurate and related to the Yellow Vests, we will be happy to post links to your group.


We are all yellow vests, we all want the same, let’s all work together to get there!