Hey everyone,

We closely follow many of the facebook groups and there are a few things that come up a lot.

1. Division - There is talk about Alberta splitting from Canada, Quebec splitting from Canada, the west splitting. There is also a lot of political talk about who we should and who we shouldn't vote for. These are a dangerous rabbit holes to go down and it will not only fail but more importantly these divisions will cause the very politicians we need to take us seriously to ignore us. Going down these rabbit holes will make the rest of Canada, the rest of the voting power, to go against us without ever hearing about our true issues.

2. Racism - I do not mean that there is racism within our group.  I mean people are calling us racists and to that I believe we need to respond to this differently. Next time someone calls you a racist, call them a jackass. Tell them they are a bad person for calling you a racist, we cannot talk policy with someone who is attacking our character, especially without evidence.

3. Causes - which cause is more important? All of them, free speech is as important as preventing illegal immigration which is as important as our self-sufficiency. These topics are very related to each other. Without free speech, we risk going to jail for speaking our concerns. Without our self-sufficiency we will go bankrupt both personally by over taxation and as a country. Illegal immigrants not only diminish all the hard work that legal immigrants did to build this country, but they will destroy this country both financially and with their demands.

If we want to change Canada for the better, if we want to do our part, then we must come across as a strong and unified movement. You may not agree with every member on everything, but let’s agree on the core points, lets agree to put aside our individual differences to come together as a force for the better of our great country.

We are all yellow vests, we all want the same, let’s all work together to get there!