So the Facebook censors have started and quite a few of us have now been thrown out of the Yellow Vests Canada group. Most members appear to have been removed and/or blocked for no reason at all.

So what happened exactly? Well we are not quite sure. It may have been a moderator of the site or it may have been the facebook police, chances are we may never know. Whatever the cause, the message is clear, we, the Yellow Vests of Canada, are a powerful force for Canada, and that threatens those who want power and control. 

This is why we have our independent website, a source of real and accurate information, and a secure service built to unite all Yellow Vests in Canada and around the world.

My fellow vesters, join us, share this platform and keep us informed about any and all developments so we can update the rest of the members.

Patriots United for Canada, we will not stand down.  This will only make us stronger.