First of all we want to thank everyone for their generous donations, without them many parts of this website simply wouldn't be possible.

We had some questions asked about where donations for the website are going to and we wanted to address them here. Below is a list of the modules we are trying to purchase for this website, any donations beyond what we need to keep this up and running will be spend directly on advertising and printed materials (flyers, posters, etc)

  • external delivery service so we can get the newsletter out to everyone faster every week
  • A better events module with the option to add images, contacts and maps. (the current free version is very limited)
  • A better picture gallery (video options etc)
  • A merchandise store (we need members who have merchandise to sell here, if you do please contact us!)

Here's what we've spent so far:

  • Domain name $30/year
  • Server-Hosting setup - $360/year (this may increase as our site becomes more popular, so far we have gotten just over 1600 unique visitors in the first 18 hours since the launch)
    • Just so everyone is aware, we know there are cheaper hosting options, however this site is hosted at a private datacenter on a server that we have direct control over. This means it we will NOT be shut down or censored.
  • An anti-spam/Anti-hacker module - $49(USD)
  • Newsletter mailing module - purchased, total cost $137
  • interactive community module - purchased total cost $135

If you'd like to donate to help us out the paypal donation section can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you again for your donations.


update: January 16, 2019

Donations Today: $45

A big thank you to all those who donated!

update: January 17th, 2019

Donations today: $30

Great news everyone, we have purchased and launched the community module, this is similar to facebook in the way you can have a profile, groups, galleries and a wall. We're still setting up many of these features and working on better alerting and navigation. Please be patient as we continue the complete setup, but feel free to sign up and give the community a try.

update: January 17th, 2019

(Additional) Donations today: $62

We would like to thank all the generous doners once again! Much of what we're trying to build on this site would be absolutely impossible without all of you!

update: January 18th 2019

Donations today: $141

I'm pleased to announce that today we purchased the AcyMailing module and have sent out the first of many newsletter. Again all your generous donations are greatly appreciated, thanks to all your help we are building a pretty great platform.

Total donations so far: $278

Total spent so far: $872