What the Yellow Vest Canada Cause and Movement is all about:


Anti-Tax We oppose over-taxation laws and policies. Including the Carbon Tax.

We the people advocate for complete energy self-sufficiency, including Pipelines. 

We oppose any import of oil from foreign states.


We advocate for maintaining the people of Canada's complete sovereignty over Canada's borders, and call for the immediate withdrawal from the UN/Global Compact for Migration.
Immigration We call for an immediate end to illegal and irregular immigration, while promoting legal immigration to amounts that allow for successful integration into Canada's multicultural society and economy.
Free Speech / Press We advocate free speech and oppose any censorship laws and measures. We advocate for freedom of speech and expression.
Peace We are a peaceful movement and advocate no use of violence.


The purpose of this website is to raise awareness for our Cause (YVC) and instigate political change. We believe that educating the public with articles and evidence presented on this site will help us reach that Cause (YVC) peacefully.

On this site you will find articles regarding each topic listed above. These articles are written with the intent to make you understand and think about the issues. We invite you to do your own research into these issues, build an understanding, and if we missed something, make a mistake or if you simply have something to add, we invite you to post in the comments. We firmly believe that spreading intelligence is the answer to a better Canada.